Wayfinding Signage

When it comes to event signage, it’s crucial to consider your wayfinding.
It seems obvious, but clear, well-positioned signage will help your attendees navigate easily around an event or venue and add to their overall experience.
Poorly planned or badly executed signage causes confusion and frustration for both you and your guests and leaves a bad taste. And the last thing you want at your event is people not being able to find the toilets – or the exits when they need to.
Wayfinding signage should be both functional (clear, concise and an effortless guide) and an opportunity to add event dressing and sponsorship.
Here are a couple of simple tips for you to get the most from your event signage:

Clarity and reinforcement

Make a positive impression – but a subliminal one! Clear, well-designed wayfinding signage, will make your event flow smoothly and add to the overall brand exposure. It is crucial for visitor enjoyment; and the more your visitors enjoy an event, the more people they will tell.

Consistency & careful planning

Poor wayfinding is a huge frustration – and signs not only need to be in the right place, but also need to be printed in the right font and colour and be an appropriate size to be seen from where they need to. They also need to be installed at exactly the right height, not just to be seen, but so they can’t be tampered with (accidentally or deliberately!)

Reduced maintenance and administration

Getting signage right first time saves you time and energy in the future. Keep the messages simple and clear – it is ‘wayfinding’ not listing every event and location – stick to the major areas and the basics. It can also help our staff navigate their way around the event during set-up, the event itself and at take-down, so it all helps.

Brand reinforcement

At a big and busy event, eyeballs will repeatedly be on the wayfinding, whether it’s filtering in or out, finding the food and drink outlets or getting to the toilets – so ensuring that branding can sit neatly, effectively and consistently on the many wayfinders, will add to brand recall and exposure.