We get it – how crazy the event and exhibition process is.

You spend weeks and months planning, careering down a funnel, changes happening all the time, for a 2-3 day whirlwind with an immovable deadline.  And over those 2-3 days, you have mere seconds to catch and then hold the eye of a multitude of customers – so it’s vital to create the right impression and impact from the start.

Our skilled, organised, problem-solving and highly-responsive team have worked hand-in-hand and shoulder-to-shoulder with numerous clients on a huge variety of projects.  We know the drill – and you can rely on us to get the job done.  That’s one less thing to have to worry about.


Event Branding and Exhibitions

Premium Retail

Speak to the team today to see how we can make your exhibition or event memorable.

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Why choose Deckle Edge?

We make you look good. We bring your vision to life and make you the hero!


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Deckle Edge is a division of
City and County Graphics


The power of #light...
We retro-fitted a solar-powered trough light to this sign to bring it alive in the dark and allow the message to shine through...
#signage #lighting #solarpower #branding #newhomes

It’s a form of flattery I suppose but @KremerSignsUK use an image of our solar powered illuminated site sign to promote their business. So our work, our experience, our R&D is being used by Kremer Signs to get more business for them! Not really on? #signs #unethical

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