Simple – we make you attention-grabbing; and we’re skilled at making your event or project run smoothly.

We bring almost 3 decades of experience and problem-solving to help you dress, dazzle and deliver your event, your exhibition or your shop window and signage.

Working across multiple sectors, from events and exhibitions, to ‘high-street’ retail, to motorsport, to placemaking, gives us extra insight and flexibility to turn things round fast, develop solutions ‘on the run’ and create impact for you.

We understand the market you work in – that things happen fast and last minute and are always subject to change.  So. we work in a way that’s quick, responsive and right for you – from creative through to supply and installation.  If we turn heads for you, whilst making everything run smoothly, then we’ve done our job right.

For speed and quality control, we produce almost everything in-house in our workshops in Oxfordshire – but we deliver and install nationwide for your convenience.

{ Deckle Edge (definition):  the irregular edge of bespoke, hand-made paper before it’s trimmed, often left as a decorative feature in rare books and fine writing paper}.

That’s us in a nutshell; something that denotes quality and craftsmanship, ornamental, noticeable and quietly effective.


Speak to our team today to find out how Deckle Edge can make you the hero.
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//Who is Deckle Edge and why choose them?

Simple – choose us because we make you look good. Deckle Edge is here because you need us. Deckle Edge is the partner that brings your thinking to life. We make you the hero!


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Deckle Edge is a division of
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